a cross platform library for accessing system statistics


What is pystatgrab?

pystatgrab is a set of Python bindings for the libstatgrab library. It installs as a module and provides a set of function calls with identical names to the libstatgrab functions. The returned data types also map logically on to the structures returned by libstatgrab.

pystatgrab should work on any platform that libstatgrab will work on and supports both Python 2 and Python 3. Currently, pystatgrab requires version 0.91 or later of libstatgrab.

pystatgrab is licensed under the GNU LGPL.

Current version

The current release is pystatgrab 0.7.1 released on 16 August 2020.

It regenerated the library using a newer version of Cython which provided support for more recent Python 3 versions.


All versions of pystatgrab can be downloaded from GitHub. Downloads are signed using our key (download here):

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For installation instructions see the README file contained within the archive. If you’re using FreeBSD you can make use of the devel/py-statgrab port to install pystatgrab (and libstatgrab) for you.

Bug reporting and development

Bugs should be reported on the GitHub issues page. Please include as much information as possible.

If you want to submit changes please open a Pull Request.